I have  spent the last couple of years developing my style as a traditional 2D animator, after using different software Harmony remains my number one, as it allows me to be creative by giving me the freedom to illustrate my animations in a different and more unique way. And not to forget the Adobe Creative Suite which makes the process of creating animations more enjoyable.  I enjoy bringing ideas to live, whose purpose isn't only to be animations with  good visuals, but also animations with meaning.


Since the first time I have been introduced to this technique it has been my favourite. Although huge time consuming , hand- drawn is the only technique that allows you to create floating animations which look more real even than 3D. 


Although I have never felt the need to use 3D in my animations, as every artist I am curious and that was the reason why I wanted to try the 3D technique. I enjoy  creating my animations in 3D because of the freedom it gives me, to have a control over space, lights and camera is definitely something necessary when creating complex concepts.


I believe this is one of my strongest area, I enjoy bringing characters to life and giving them personality the really one thing that can help certain emotions to be expressed and understood by the viewers.

Comic Books

Since I remember myself I loved reading comic books and latter on I start drawing them. Being inspired by Marvel`s and DC`s comics I created my own when I was in High School. 


The need of professional video editing when it comes to finish up a product is mandatory. It is important  to work precisely in order to ensure that the video that is produced,  is polished and completed .  Manipulating and rearranging video shots, perhaps is the most enjoyable process of video creating  for me. 


While creating my storyboards I personally prefer to work on paper using pencil, rather than work digitally. I use the pure value of storytelling through sequential art,  to pitch my concept. When I create a storyboard, I also create a visual map of my ideas, this helps me to shape the vision I have, and latter on integrated as an animatic.


I personally believe music to animation is like heart to a body, its essential and plays important role of integrating with one`s emotions and feelings.  When it comes to creating a media content, music is necessary to grab peoples attentions and to perhaps allow them to understand the media content better.


Just as people, logos have individuality, a logo communicates, it tell the world who you are. This is why when I create my logos I keep this in mind.  A logo design is important, just as its important for you to have your own name.  A good logo is the one that has a unique design and the one that has been specifically design for a person`s individuality, or better way of saying it, a good logo has your finger print on it.

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